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Mailing Address:
1-B Broad Street
Taneytown,MD 21787

Fax 410 756-2800

Customer Service Hours:

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm EST

customerservice@emsbooks.com Emergency Training Associates is the parent company that owns and operates 4 specific divisions, all serving the Emergency Services Community. EMS Books.com has been providing Emergency Services texts and training materials since 1979. FirehouseBooks. EmergencyTees and FirehouseFoods have grown and were combined into the website EmergencyStuff that you see today. A family owned and operated business, we have grown from a front porch operation to a large warehouse. We currently carry over 5000 titles of books as well as hundreds of shirts, gifts, personal protective items and training materials.

Serving the individual with the same fast service as the big volume customers is one of our greatest strengths. Our customers are treated personally and get fast service and discounted prices.

Our success is based on the knowledge and background of our staff. With experienced EMT's, Paramedics and Firefighters and Law Enforcement providers we know the language and the customer needs far better than many big company corporate telemarketers. Keeping our overhead costs down and treating customers well, provides us with the best advertising there is, YOU- a satisfied customer that returns and recommends us to others.

We are proud to support and serve most National organizations assisting them in providing products to their members and obtaining support for the operations of these important groups. We encourage you to learn about, join and support these organization and to participate in shaping the future growth and professionalism of Emergency Services today and in the future.

Please feel free to contact any member of the ETA service team with your comments, suggestions or ideas. We are dedicated to serve you. How are we doing?

Why can't I order from your site?

When customers can't order from your site, the problem is almost always that they can't make a secure connection to the server. To test whether this is the problem, have them go to https://www.microsoft.com

(note the s after http) and see if they get through. If someone can't get through to Microsoft either, then the problem is on their end.

There are two possible reasons people can't set up secure connections. They could have a really ancient browser, in which case they should get an upgrade.

They could be behind a corporate firewall that won't allow secure connections. In that case the solution is either to ask the network manager to fix the firewall, or to order from a computer outside the firewall.

What kind of security does your site use?

We use the Stronghold secure server, currently the second best selling secure server software, and in our opinion, technically the best product. It supports industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption.

Why do I get a cookie? What they are

A cookie is a piece of data that a Web server gives to a Web browser. When the same browser asks the server for another page, it includes the cookie with the request. This lets the server know when a sequence of clicks all come from the same browser.

And that is all cookies do. Using cookies doesn't give the server any personal information about the person visiting the Web site. Why we use them

Yahoo! Store uses cookies to keep track of each shopper's shopping basket. When someone arrives at a store, we give them a unique cookie. When they click on an Order button, we use the cookie to decide what shopping basket to put the product into.

If you don't use cookies (or some equivalent approach like putting a tracking code in the URL for each visitor), there is simply no way to make a shopping basket work; unless the server has some way to tell that two clicks on the Order button are coming from the same browser, it has no way to know that both orders should go into the same shopping basket.

Note that Yahoo! doesn't store any information in the cookies themselves. The cookies are simply ids. Any information that shoppers enter when placing an order is kept on our servers; the id in the cookie is merely a key.

For more information on cookies, please visit the following sites:

An Article on Cookies from HotWired A Description of Cookies from Netscape Technical Support The Yahoo! Diectory

Why does it say I am being redirected to an insecure page?

After the consumer places the order, we send them back to whatever page they last viewed in your site (or some other page you specify). The order form is secure, and the regular site pages aren't.

Whenever you redirect from a secure to an insecure page, the browser issues a warning. And unfortunately, all the security warnings issued by the browser sound equally terrifying, whether they are really important or (as in this case) not.

Any customer ordering or providing custom-imprinted merchandise from or to Emergency Training Associates (ETA) or any of its divisions, represents and warrants to ETA that he or she has the unrestricted right and authority to use, copy and distribute each copyright, trademark, service mark, trade name, logo, statement, portrait, graphic, artwork, photograph, picture or illustration of any person or any other intellectual property in the way it is applied to merchandise. Purchase of merchandise from ETA in no way, shape or form grants a customer permission to reproduce logos, nor does it transfer, grant, or lease ownership of any logos or trademarks to a customer.

To use any logo a customer MUST have written permission from the registered owner of the logo or trademark, or be an authorized agent or affiliate of the registered owner of the logo. A customer may NOT use any logo in a manner that may infringe copyright laws. A customer also may NOT use any logo in a vulgar, illegal, and/or unlawful manner. ETA assumes no responsibility for damages or any wrong doing that the purchaser may cause using a logo. ETA shall not be held liable for the unauthorized, improper, or illegal use of any logo or trademark that is applied to merchandise purchased through ETA. ETA will also not accept responsibility or liability for the actions of clients who have misrepresented their ownership of licenses or trademarks. ETAs will reserve the right to refuse orders from any customer who has violated or otherwise infringed upon the intellectual rights of others.